Health Insurance for Southern California Small Businesses

Why is it important to have health insurance for your small business?

Employee benefit plans allow small businesses to not only recruit and retain top-talent employees, but create a positive company culture with employees who are healthy and happy.

At Garnett-Powers & Associates, we believe an effective employee benefit plan should offer a breadth of coverage uniquely created to meet the specific needs of your organization, your industry and budget goals. The right plan will assist your small business in attracting the exceptional employees your company desires.

Why should you choose Garnett-Powers & Associates as a partner for your small business health insurance needs?

At GPA, we understand how important health insurance is to your employees. We provide not only the full complement of insurance coverage and benefits, but our team will act as an extension of your Human Resources department, assisting with employee enrollment and open enrollment meetings, claim and billing resolution, eligibility and benefit questions, COBRA, HIPAA and ACA compliance, and more. Whatever your needs, we customize our service offerings to your small business. Our certified, well-qualified and passionate staff provides everything you need for a successful health insurance program.

In addition to health insurance for small businesses, we offer a full suite of employee benefit products and services including dental insurance, vision insurance, wellness programs, group 401(k) plans and more.

How do you know where to start with small business health insurance?

Our team at GPA is here to help. We start with strategic planning and design a program based on the needs of your small business. Through our established relationships with many leading national insurance carriers, we look out for the best interests of every client and negotiate with insurance carriers to achieve the best possible rates and benefits.

Once we have helped design the right program for your small business, we help implement with an effective online enrollment system that educates employees on their benefit options while making it easy to enroll.

Finally, we help with the day-to-day management and ongoing administration of your program, from proactive communication to customer care for all questions and challenges.

How do you contact Garnett-Powers & Associates about health insurance for small businesses?

We are located in Southern California and offer health insurance for small businesses in our local Orange County community and across the country. Contact us today at 1-877-559-9922 or email our team at to learn more about health insurance options for your small business.