Visiting Scholar Benefit Plans

We recognize that there are prominent guests visiting U.S. universities nationwide who are in need of coverage that satisfies the U. S. Department of State J-1 visa requirements. These guests can be visiting scholars, visiting researchers, visiting professors or visiting lecturers, and though here for a short period of time, must have access to appropriate medical coverage.

Our team has developed visiting scholar benefit plans that provide:

  • Visiting scholar access to medical plans, which satisfy all J-1 visa requirements
  • Coverage for the J-2 dependents
  • Optional dental and vision coverage

We are aware that many visiting scholars arrive in the U.S. believing that their home country medical coverage is sufficient. To help assist universities and sponsors in verifying that the visiting scholar home country medical coverage meets the U.S. Department of State requirements, we perform an audit of the visiting scholar’s personal medical insurance plans to confirm for the sponsor and the visiting scholar that the scholar's insurance is in compliance with all of the J-1 visa requirements.

Please complete the Contact Us form, or call us at 1-877-559-9922 and ask for a University Services Representative to assist you in providing this valuable coverage to your visiting scholars.