Student Plans

All campuses share the desire to offer comprehensive benefit programs to their student populations. The biggest challenge is developing an efficient program that offers access to health benefits within a cost structure that is affordable to the student and easy to administer.

With over twenty years of experience in working with campuses to implement student benefit programs, GPA’s student program specialists have the resources to satisfy both the administrative needs of the campus, as well as provide the students with the benefits they desire. We custom design plans to meet the medical, dental and vision needs of the student population, while staying within the associated financial objectives of the university.

The health program may incorporate the services of the campus student health center, if available, as the primary care facility. If a student health center is not available, the plans can function on a stand-alone basis utilizing the provider network affiliated with the plan. In addition, we offer the following services to aid the campus in administering their student program, which include but are not limited to:

  • Creating and managing a custom website for the student health program
  • Processing waiver applications to confirm the benefit plans of the students waiving meet the minimum benefit level
  • Providing assistance with eligibility file transfers and enrollments between campus and the insurance carriers
  • Providing actuarial services as needed to negotiate, analyze and recommend plan adoption for future renewals
  • Conducting student orientation meetings for plan introduction and review
  • Serving as a liaison between the insurance carrier, the students and the college administration to ensure that the plan is meeting the healthcare needs of the students.

Our objective is to provide the expertise, knowledge and service that are so crucial to the successful implementation and administration of student plans.