Should Your Company Offer Caregiver Benefits?

Finding balance between caregiving while also being focused and present at work can be a challenge for employees with disabled or elderly loved ones at home, causing added stress and decreased productivity.  Recognizing this challenge, many firms are now including some form of caregiving in their HR programs and it has not only helped the employees in their dual roles as caregivers, but has benefited employers, as well.

Dept. of Labor Raises the Minimum for Overtime Pay for FLSA Exemptions

The DOL published new rules last week regarding who qualifies for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), raising the minimum salary threshold to $35,308 annually.  This rule has been referred to as the “white collar exemption” and defines those employees who fall under this rule as “any employee employed in a bona fide executive, administrative or professional capacity,” according to the Department of Labor…

Making Your Website ADA Compliant

You may have already installed a handicap ramp and enlarged doorways to make premises accessible to all, but have you revamped your websites for the same reasons? Your existing website may be a barrier to those with disabilities, and the Department of Justice now interprets the Americans with Disabilities Act as applicable to websites.  In fact, Title III of the ADA, is actively ensuring that new requirements include online properties, such as those websites. While final Federal regulations are still under determination, common sense guidelines should be undertaken now to avoid any issues…

Marijuana in the Workplace

California law has legalized recreational marijuana usage now, as well as its medical usage. How to deal with that as an employer has now become a vibrant issue.

Thirty-three States have legalized medical marijuana usage, and ten more have now legalized recreational usage. California did so, in 2016’s Proposition 64, with a vote of 56% to 44% and this gave 40 million people access to legal cannabis.  This vote came 20 years after the State had legalized medical marijuana. Now, California sales of marijuana are expected to reach $7.6 billion in 2020 and California is currently the world’s largest marijuana market.  So, how does this translate into the workplace?

Top 50 Hospitals

On February 12th , 2019, Healthgrades released its list of the top hospitals in the country. Healthgrades is an organization that collects patient satisfaction data through surveys to help prospective patients make decisions on where to receive the best care. They developed their survey based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ CG-CAHPS survey, which provides perspective on many aspects of the type of care received.

Below is the list of the California hospitals that made it into the Top 50. To see the whole list of hospitals that are in the Top 100 and the Top 250 by State, and to see what Healthgrades uses as criteria, click here. California is in the lead in all of the categories…