Brush Your Way to Savings on Dental Premiums


Brushing Those Pearly Whites Regularly Can Save the Company on Dental Premiums? What???

Yes, finally, a company that has taken the normal dental plan and thrown it out in favor of a modern tech approach to taking care of your and your employees’ oral hygiene…it’s called Beam Dental.

Beam offers something new and different in the dental plan field. First and foremost, they offer what they call Beam Perks where each employee that enrolls in their dental plan receives everything they need for excellent oral care, delivered to their doorstep, every 6 months. That means that employees receive a Beam Brush, Beam Toothpaste, refill heads, floss with no shipping costs! Now, the best part about the Beam Brush is it’s sonic powered and Bluetooth connected, which means when you download and connect to the Beam app, it tracks how often you brush (and your little ones), offering a built-in timer and custom power settings. This tracking allows Beam Dental to see how people are taking care of their teeth. And guess what? The more employees brush, the less the dental premium! Beam offers up to 15% discounts on renewal just for brushing your teeth twice a day.

Several PPO plans are available that can stand next to HMO plans offered by other insurance carriers, and there are options for employers with as few as 2 employees to over 1,000 employees. There is a nationwide network that allows members to see providers across the country. Beam emails every new subscriber a customized list of in-network dentists near them, making finding a dentist simple. Of course, if you download the app and take advantage of their technology, you can access a digital insurance card and select a dentist using the app.