California Senate Announces New Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Laws

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Since 2005, California law has required that companies with 50 or more employees provide sexual harassment training for personnel in supervisory positions.  Recently, a new law was announced expanding these requirements to smaller businesses and more staff members.

By January 1, 2020, businesses in California with at least five employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training and education to all personnel in supervisory and non-supervisory positions, according to California Senate Bill 1343.  Training will include two hours for employees in supervisory positions and one hour for employees in non-supervisory positions.  Beyond that, employees must be trained again every two years thereafter, according to the new law.  Newly hired employees and current employees taking on a new role must be trained and educated within six months of employment or beginning the new position.

For Temps

For seasonal or temporary employees, employers must provide this prevention training within 30 calendar days of the hire date, or within 100 hours of work if the employee is there for less than six months.  A temporary employee that is employed by a temp agency will have their training performed by the temporary services agency, not the client.

Who Can Do the Training?

Anti-sexual harassment training can be provided in a group setting or individually, by other employees, either all at once or in smaller segments over the course of time, as long as the total time requirement is met.  The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is to develop and provide these training courses on their website (link here), or employers can develop their own training platforms, as long as they comply with the law’s requirements.  The DFEH is also creating informational posters and fact sheets that will be available on their website.

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