Vanderbilt Graduate Academic Benefit Plan

Vanderbilt Graduate Academic Benefit Plan

Voluntary VSP Vision Plan and Rates

Newly Appointed Graduate Students

The VSP PPO Vision provides a plan model allowing you the flexibility of visiting a network provider, or to choose a provider out of network. The plan offers a broad range of coverage with low copays, including exams, lenses, contact lenses and frames. The frequency of the plan benefits allows you to have an exam every 12 months, purchase lenses every 12 months and purchase frames every 24 months.

Please click on the link to access the Provider Directory Info. You do not have to be enrolled to view the directory. You will get the most out of your vision benefits when you visit a VSP doctor. The VSP network offers a wide variety of private practice optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians.

Once your enrollment into the VSP PPO Plan is confirmed, you will be entered into the VSP network system. You will not receive an ID card for this plan. When making an appointment with an in-network provider, they will ask you for your specific identifying information, which will display your plan benefits and allow you to access service with their office. If you use an out-of-network provider, you’ll be required to pay the full amount to the provider at that time. You can then submit a claim form for reimbursement. Please click on Vision Claim Form to access the form and follow the directions provided on the form for submission to VSP for reimbursement.

Please read the Evidence of Coverage Booklet which details coverage, exclusions and limitations to the plan. We recommend that you read this document thoroughly and make a copy for your records.

Please click on the Vision Benefit Summary to view the detailed description of this plan.

The monthly/quarterly premiums for plan year 2014-2015 vision are as follows:

  1. Graduate Academic only:
    Monthly - $8.93; Quarterly - $26.79
  2. Graduate Academic plus spouse/partner:
    Monthly - $17.86; Quarterly - $53.58
  3. Graduate Academic plus child(ren):
    Monthly –$19.64; Quarterly – $58.92
  4. Graduate Academic plus family:
    Monthly - $28.57; Quarterly - $85.71

How the Premium Owed is Calculated

Your enrollment in the plan is based on quarterly remittance, following the calendar year quarters: September - November, December - February, March - May, June - August. The month of your chosen insurance start date will determine the amount of premium you owe. This must always be the first of the month. For instance, if you choose an insurance start date of December 1st, you will be billed for one month only. If you choose January 1st, you will be billed for the quarter, all three months.

The rate you will owe for your initial and subsequent quarters is calculated for when you click on Calculate Premium at the bottom of the form. The first dollar figure represents the premium owed for your first quarter, the second figure being what you will owe for all consecutive quarters in which you are enrolled. There are no partial quarter payments except at the initial enrollment. Complete information regarding enrollment and payment instructions is included in Enrollment/Payment Instructions. Please click on the link for further information.

Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer a VGABP Customer Service Representative, dedicated to this program. Please address benefit and enrollment questions to:

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Or call us Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time
Toll free at 1-888-441-3719
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