Vanderbilt Graduate Academic Benefit Plan

Vanderbilt Graduate Academic Benefit Plan

Assurant Voluntary Dental Plan and Rates

Newly Appointed Graduate Students

The dental plan, offered through Assurant, a nationwide insurance carrier, is a comprehensive HMO dental plan. This plan has no deductibles, no waiting periods for services, offers coverage for pre-existing conditions, no claim forms and no annual maximum for plan services you receive. In addition, there is no copayment for a comprehensive oral evaluation.

To access the detailed schedule of benefits offered, please click on Service Copayment Schedule. It is recommended that you have this copayment schedule with you whenever you have a dental appointment in order to be able to understand any procedures that may be scheduled for you or an enrolled family member. Simply refer to the ADA Code on the left which will help you identify any procedure your provider feels you require and will also provide you the cost affiliated with the procedure.

The monthly/quarterly premiums for dental are as follows:

  1. Graduate Academic only:
    Monthly - $14.90; Quarterly - $44.70
  2. Graduate Academic plus spouse/partner:
    Monthly - $24.21; Quarterly - $72.63
  3. Graduate Academic plus child(ren):
    Monthly –$32.88; Quarterly - $98.64
  4. Graduate Academic plus family:
    Monthly - $38.56; Quarterly - $115.68

How the Premium Owed is Calculated

Your enrollment in the plan is based on quarterly remittance, following the calendar year quarters: September - November, December - February, March - May, June - August. The month of your chosen insurance start date will determine the amount of premium you owe. This must always be the first of the month. For instance, if you choose an insurance start date of December 1st, you will be billed for one month only. If you choose January 1st, you will be billed for the quarter, all three months.

The rate you will owe for your initial and subsequent quarters is calculated for when you click on Calculate Premium at the bottom of the form. The first dollar figure represents the premium owed for your first quarter, the second figure being what you will owe for all consecutive quarters in which you are enrolled. There are no partial quarter payments except at the initial enrollment. Complete information regarding enrollment and payment instructions is included in Enrollment/Payment Instructions. Please click on the link for further information.

Provider Information

Finding a provider is simple, using the provider directory available online for the Assurant Dental Plan.

Please click on Provider Directory Info and follow the instructions to locate a dentist near you. Please be sure to insert the 7-digit number located by your selected dentist’s name for you and all enrolling family members.

Accessing Dental Care

If for any reason, within the first 90 days of your policy's start date, you have questions regarding plan benefits, or you haven’t received your ID card and you, or your dental office, needs to verify coverage, you can contact an EASEy Start Specialist by calling the Assurant Employee Benefits customer service line at 800.442.7742 extension 2507. Please click on EASEy Start Brochure for more details on how to utilize this service.

Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer a VGABP Customer Service Representative, dedicated to this program. Please address benefit and enrollment questions to:

Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc.
23361 Madero, Suite 240
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Or call us Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time
Toll free at 1-888-441-3719
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