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Voluntary Life and AD&D Enrollment/Payment Information

Life insurance coverage can help your family meet daily expenses, maintain their standard of living, pay off debt, secure your children’s education, and more in the event of your death. AD&D insurance can provide you and your family with extra protection in the event of death or dismemberment as a result of a covered accident.

A brief informative video is available for you when you click on Standard Life/Disability Presentation that provides more important facts about the value of life and AD&D insurance.

Amounts Available for Purchase

You may select an amount in increments of $10,000 up to $150,000* with guarantee issue, meaning that you do not have to answer any medical questions and, as long as you are eligible, you may purchase your desired amount. In the event of your death, the amount you choose would be paid to your designated beneficiary, or beneficiaries.

You may also purchase a dependent family benefit for $5,000 inclusive of both life and AD&D insurance. You only pay one amount to purchase the insurance for all of your immediate family members, which include your spouse and any children. When you purchase this insurance, the $5,000 benefit is paid for your spouse or any children who should pass away while covered under the plan.

Make your plan selections carefully:

  1. Once you make your decision about your desired voluntary life/AD&D coverage amount and you purchase the insurance, you may not change the amount. Please make sure you select your final desired amount before you submit the form. You may only cancel, not change.
  2. You may cancel your voluntary life/AD&D coverage at any time, but will not be allowed to re-purchase the voluntary coverage until the Standard allows a special Open Enrollment period.

If you have not already done so, please click on Plan Brochure to access a document that provides more details about this valuable benefit.

How to Select and Pay for Your Life/AD&D Insurance

  • First, click on Enrollment Login.
  • You will be prompted to create a login account.
  • Once created, you will click on Create Your Account and Start the Enrollment Process where you will be taken to the enrollment form.
  • Please complete the form and select the desired amount you wish to purchase.  
  • When complete, click Submit Enrollment Form and Make Payment
  • You will be taken to a payment page where you may make your initial quarterly payment using either a debit or credit card. Once enrolled in the Voluntary Life and AD&D policy, your ongoing premiums will be billed on a monthly basis. GPA will send you an invoice via email once your next payment is due.

*If you wish to purchase more than the $150,000 coverage for yourself, please call our office at 1-800-254-1758 for information on how to proceed. Please also complete the Medical History Statement for submission to the Standard Underwriting Department. The approval, or non-approval, of your life insurance application is subject to their underwriting guidelines.

15% of eligible Postdocs must apply and qualify for the proposed plan before Voluntary Life and AD&D coverage can become effective. This level of participation has been agreed upon by The University of California and The Standard.

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