Garnett-Powers (GPA) came to our rescue when we were having issues with a particular medical insurance carrier. Our employees were having difficulties with referrals to specialists and accessing their required prescriptions. The GPA customer service team was able to introduce a medical carrier that offered us the efficiency and broad spectrum of coverage that we desired, along with competitive rates.
— Annie McKnight, Human Resources Director | Mental Health Association of Orange County, Orange, CA
We hired Garnett-Powers & Associates three years ago and have been very pleased with their employee benefit products and services. Their account management team truly provides caring assistance to our employees, whatever their challenges may be. And, they do it with a sense of urgency so we never worry about our employees having access to quality products, services and providers.
— Alayna York, Human Resources Supervisor | Trinity Broadcasting Network, Tustin, California
Garnett-Powers & Associates (GPA) excels at finding the best insurance products to assure our postdocs’ experience is the best it can be, keeping cost in mind. Recently, the carrier that provided us our medical insurance decided to leave the state, which left us wondering how we would possibly offer a new medical plan that was within our budget yet would still offer the comprehensive coverage to which our postdocs were accustomed. The GPA professionals responded quickly and thoroughly, offering us new medical plans that were actually less expensive with better benefits than the previous carrier offering. They published all of the reference materials and changed the website to accommodate online enrollment within three weeks of our decision. Their benefits professionals go above and beyond to provide exemplary customer service for our postdocs and department administrators.
— Diana Fox, Director | Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
Up until the Provost’s Office hired Garnett-Powers & Associates (GPA) to handle our postdoc benefit program, the postdocs only had a limited benefit student plan available. We met with GPA to learn how they could offer a comprehensive benefit program, design a website for efficient online enrollment and handle the billing and carrier premium payments. With their commitment to meeting with all of our stakeholders, that included many departments, payroll, human resources, risk management, and the postdoc administrative office, they learned of our specific needs and very quickly designed and implemented an excellent program with a broad spectrum of benefits. The program started in 2012 and our postdocs have been very pleased with the benefits and with the caring customer service that GPA provides on an ongoing basis.
— Dan Carino, Senior Manager | Postdoctoral Affairs, USC, Los Angeles, CA
Prior to Garnett-Powers & Associates (GPA) managing the benefits and administration of our Postdoctoral Scholar Insurance Program, we had a challenge offering a full benefit program to meet the needs of both our campus administration as well as our postdocs . GPA met with our stakeholders, including HR, payroll and systems, and members of the postdoctoral community. They listened to what we needed to provide our postdocs with the most comprehensive benefits program at the best possible cost, and then took on the daily administration of the plan. They eliminated work from my desk and our human resources department, providing an array of talent and outstanding customer service that we have relied upon for ten years!
— Mary Anne Timmins, Administrative Director | Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs, University of Pennsylvania