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COBRA Information

Continuing Your Coverage When Your Appointment Terminates at the University

When your appointment terminates and you leave the university, you may continue your coverage for any of the University of Rochester Postdoctoral Benefit Program medical, dental and/or vision plans in which you and your family members are enrolled by electing COBRA Continuation Coverage. COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, offers coverage when you experience a qualifying event and you lose your coverage, such as termination of employment. When you elect COBRA coverage, you will pay for each plan in which you and your family members choose to be enrolled. When you elect COBRA, your coverage will begin when your program coverage ends.

Electing and Paying for COBRA Continuation Coverage

We receive a file from the campus that advises us of your termination date. We then send you a COBRA Election Form which displays the plans that are available to you. That notice is sent to your last known address communicated to us through the file.

In order to elect your coverage, you will complete the COBRA Election Notice and send it back to our office within the timeframe noted on the Notice. The Garnett-Powers COBRA Department will bill you for your elected coverage on a monthly basis. If you decide to elect COBRA for you and any of your enrolled dependents, you will be responsible for paying the monthly premiums for all coverage elected. To learn how much you will pay during 2016 for any coverage you elect through COBRA, please click on Monthly COBRA Premiums.

COBRA Continuation Rights

The General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights contains language that assumes you have already enrolled in the plan, and is included as a section of the enrollment form. Please read the General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights, which provides details concerning continuing your coverage. If you are not enrolling in any plans in the benefit program (medical, dental or vision), this document does not pertain to you.

If you have any COBRA questions, please contact Candace Nicholson at the phone number or email address below:

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