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If you are pregnant, or thinking of starting a family, Health Net’s Decision Power ® Healthy Pregnancy provides you valuable information to assist you in having a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. This valuable program offers three confidential pregnancy assessments, access to a personalized website resource, a toll-free BabyLine ® answered by experienced nurses until your baby is six weeks old, and other important services. Please click on the link to access the program details on the Health Net site. In addition, please click on DP Healthy Pregnancy for access to a brochure that provides a few details on the program.

Health Net also offers a brief document outlining their programs in support of your pregnancy, and your baby’s first year of life, specifically for the postdocs at the University of California campuses. Please click on Planning a Family?, a PowerPoint presentation that provides you with a wealth of resources regarding the Decision Power Healthy Baby program, from preconception to delivery. In addition, please click on Health Net’s Family Planning Brochure for a quick review of their services.

Health Net also offers Text4Baby, a free service that provides free text messages up to 3 times a week with information to assist you through your pregnancy and your baby’s first year. In order to register, text BABY to 511411.

Health Net provides a number of programs to encourage wellness.

  • For discounts on fitness apparel and club memberships, complementary health care and weight management, please click on Healthy Discounts.
  • Decision Power is a program that offers a variety of methods to track possible health risks and identify potential problems. The goal of this program is to assist with step-by-step plans with online coaching with a guide to tobacco use, weight management, nutrition and stress reduction. Please click on Decision Power Wellness Menu for information on enrolling in this program.
  • If you wish to make the healthy decision to quit smoking, Decision Power offers a plan to help you kick the habit with the assistance of either online or telephone support. Please click on The Decision to Quit for access to a brochure with more information.
  • Lose Weight is another health-wise program offered through Decision Power that keeps you motivated to lose weight, offers healthy eating choices and counseling from a health coach.
  • After you use your Health Net benefits, you may receive a document called an Explanation of Benefits, also known as an EOB. This document is not a bill, but a detailed description of the services you received and the relative cost. Please click on Understanding your EOB to view a descriptive sample that can assist you in understanding this document.
  • Health Net Mobile allows you to access your health plan details including subscriber and plan IDs, copay and deductible amounts, instant chat with a customer service representative and much more. Please click on the link to access more details.

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