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UC San Francisco Postdoctoral Scholars to the University of California Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan

Garnett-Powers & Associates is pleased to offer the University of California Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan (PSBP). This comprehensive program offers you medical, dental, vision, life and AD&D insurance, short-term disability insurance, and long-term disability insurance.

The PSBP is comprised of the following plans, some of which offer you the choice between an HMO or PPO model:

  • Medical: Health Net HMO or PPO
  • Dental: Health Net DHMO or Principal Point of Service
  • Health Net Vision PPO
  • Life, AD&D and Short-Term Disability Insurance offered through Standard Insurance (you will be automatically enrolled in these plans)
  • Voluntary Long-Term Disability Insurance offered through Standard Insurance

Postdoc HMO Medical Premium Contributions for 2015

Per the UAW negotiated contract, beginning originally in January 2012, all postdocs enrolled in the Health Net medical HMO plan began making a small contribution toward their coverage. Those contributions are changing for 2015. Please click on Postdoc Healthcare Premium Contributions to learn of the amounts that will be deducted or billed for 2015.

Newly Appointed Postdocs – How To Make Your Plan Choices

In order to assist you with understanding the benefits offered through the PSBP, and to offer instructions on how to make benefit selections for you and your eligible family members, we have posted the University of California PSBP New Postdoc Orientation. This presentation provides important information about the enrollment process, what plans are offered with brief snapshots of the benefits and the current rates being charged for Plan Year 2015.

Once you have viewed the above presentation, please use the links provided on the side of this page to access the Enrollment section of the website. The PSBP Enrollment form must be completed online before printing. To streamline your enrollment process, please first print the PSBP Enrollment Form Instructions. This will allow you to have the instructions in front of you as you fill in the enrollment form and visit the various links to make your choices. To get started, please click on Enrollment.

Bright Horizons/Care Advantage (Sitter City) - A Valuable Service Available for All Postdocs

Bright Horizons/Care Advantage (Sitter City) is available to all postdocs. The cost of membership in this service is paid for by the University of California and is completely free for postdocs. You will simply pay for the services of the caregivers that you hire through the Bright Horizons/Care Advantage program.

This service helps you find babysitters, nannies and additional care services as pet care, tutors and housekeepers. Please click on Bright Horizons/Care Advantage (Sitter City) to learn more about how to activate your membership and review the multitude of services provided.

Important Information Regarding Wellness Benefits and Healthy Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, or thinking of starting a family, Health Net’s Decision Power ® Healthy Pregnancy provides you valuable information to assist you in having a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. This valuable program offers three confidential pregnancy assessments, access to a personalized website resource, a toll-free BabyLine ® answered by experienced nurses until your baby is six weeks old, and other important services. Please click on the link to access the program details on the Health Net site. In addition, please click on DP Healthy Pregnancy for access to a brochure that provides a few details on the program.

Health Net provides a number of other programs to encourage wellness. There are discounts available on fitness apparel and club memberships through Healthy Discount, a variety of methods to track possible health risks and identify potential health problems through Decision Power and a wealth of other information available when you click on Medical, then Wellness Benefits.

When Your University of California Postdoctoral Appointment Ends

When your appointment ends, and if you and/or your dependents, are enrolled in any of the medical, dental and/or vision plans, you may be able to continue that coverage through COBRA, a federal program that provides you the opportunity to maintain your existing coverage for a specified length of time.

Once Garnett-Powers & Associates receives notice of the date you are separating from the University, a COBRA Election Notice will be sent to you and any eligible adult beneficiaries. Electing COBRA Continuation Coverage allows you, and your covered dependents, to continue the UC-PSBP medical, dental and/or vision plans in which you and your dependents were enrolled when you experience a status or ‘life’ event, such as termination of employment. If you elect COBRA Continuation Coverage, you will be responsible for paying the premiums directly to the insurance carriers providing the plans. Please read the General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights which provides further information.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage for J-1 Visa Status

The medical evacuation and repatriation requirements necessary for Postdocs holding J-1 Visa status, and their dependents holding J-2 Visa status, are automatically covered through the Standard Life Insurance in which you are automatically enrolled. There is no need to purchase supplemental coverage for these requirements. Please click on Information for J1 and J2 Visa Holders at left for further information.

Garnett-Powers is pleased to offer a PSBP Customer Service Representative, dedicated to this program. Please address benefit and enrollment questions to:

Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc.
23361 Madero, Suite 240
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Or call us Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm
Toll free at 1-800-254-1758

Contact PSBP Services

We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

The enrollment form and many of the informational links from this site require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to download the latest version, click the icon above. Acrobat Reader is free.

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