Best Time to see Your Dentist (Is There Ever a Good Time???)


Whether we like it or not, we have to go to the dentist to get our regular checkups and cleanings. It’s one of those things we can’t avoid if we want those pearly whites to stay pearly! However, if you’re like most people, a trip to the dentist for anything other than routine care can be a scary event; the needles, the drilling, the noise!

But, did you know there is an ideal time to see your dentist, especially when the visit involves a molar crown or a root canal? As they say, timing is everything. So, what time¹ is best, and what day² is best, to visit the dentist¹?

  • If you wish to see a fresh, alert, attentive dentist, it’s best to make your appointment for early in the day. The earlier the better to see that well-rested dentist as well as avoid the wait times that tend to pile up throughout the course of the day. An appointment at 4:00 pm could result in being seen at 4:30 pm because of earlier appointment delays. 
  • Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (again, the earlier the better) are usually less busy than the rest of the week.

Always try to schedule your next checkup and cleaning appointment before you leave the dentist’s office; otherwise, you may experience delays in booking due to either holidays approaching or that back-to-school rush.