Why You Should Offer Financial Wellness Programs to Your Employees

You provide the health, dental and vision plans, a retirement plan, generous amounts of paid time off and even healthy snacks in the break room. You’ve covered it all, right? Think again. There’s one very important aspect of your employees’ life that can cause stress on and off the job—finances.

That’s where financial wellness programs like Kashable come into play. If an employee gets into an unfortunate accident or needs to take time off to assist a sick family member, are they financially prepared? In many cases, these unforeseen situations can cause stress that affects their health and performance at work. Employers providing financial wellness and goal setting programs for their employees are more attractive to prospects. Set yourself apart as a company that truly cares about your team members by investing in their financial health and well-being.

Here are 3 financial wellness programs you should consider offering to your employees:


Kashable is a program that allows employers to provide a loan system to their employees, which helps to reduce the number of times an employee dips into their retirement fund. The loans are strictly between Kashable and the employee, so you don’t incur any financial risk.

Everything is completed online, and the money is deposited directly into the employee’s bank account once they’re enrolled and approved. Employee payments are withdrawn from their paystubs, so there’s no need for them to worry about late fees. Kashable even follows up on outstanding loans from employees who have been terminated, so you don’t have to.

Student Loan Genius

Student Loan Genius helps companies provide support for employees who are struggling with student loan debt. The program aims to help employees achieve financial freedom from student loans through three services: Genius Advisor, Genius Pay and Genius Match. Each service plays a role in establishing an effective repayment plan, reducing employee debt and increasing their savings.


SmartDollar uses education to help your employees live a financially healthy lifestyle. Its resources include videos, budgeting tools, and ongoing support so employees can start padding that savings account. The program even provides you with a report that tracks employee progress, so you can offer encouraging incentives. The program also covers financial topics including saving, budgeting, debt relief, investing and financial planning.

In many cases, benefits are a major deciding factor when prospects are deciding on employment.  You may be offering a pay raise, but how affordable is your health insurance? How many sick days do you offer? How do you support the health and financial wellness of your employees?

GPA can help you take your employee benefits suite to the next level with wellness programs, medical, dental and vision plans, and flexible spending accounts that help keep employees happy and healthy. Learn more about our wide range of benefit products.