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We have recently updated our website and some of our URL's have changed. Our secure client site is now at https://clients.garnettt-powers.com instead of https://www.garnett-powers.com.

If you are a University Services' Client and have lost your way, please click on the link for your campus from the list below:

Case Western University
City of Hope
Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Northwestern University
UCB-Visiting Scholar Plan
UCI-Visiting Scholar Plan
UCLA-Visiting Scholar Plan
UCM-Visiting Scholar/Student Plan
UCR-Visiting Scholar Plan
UCSB-Visiting Scholar/Student Plan
UCSC-Visiting Scholar Plan
UCSD-Visiting Scholar/Student Plan
UPENN-Visiting Scholar/Student Plan
VUMC-Visiting Scholar/Student Plan
University of California - PSBP
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
University of Rochester
University of Southern California
Vanderbilt, Grad Student Plan
Vanderbilt University